Medical workers are in the fight of their lives right now for themselves, their families, and their patients. AND it's unfathomable to think they are also being riddled with student loan debt!

In the news:  Medical workers are tackling the front lines and saddled with student debt

Key takeaways:

One emergency room physician stated "if he was to die tomorrow his family would be left with a $433,000 student loan bill", and that's after his 60 payments.

1. He refinanced so he's not eligible for relief under the COVID-19 Relief Act. Regardless of income, all nonprofit employees get their debt forgiven. They should NOT refinance!!

2. He qualified to get his debt forgiven and his family would NOT be responsible for his student loans, instead, he refinanced making them now responsible.

Most medical professionals do not understand how their decision can cost them 6-figures and put their family finances at risk.

The best debt relief programs are complex and causing additional stress on an already stressed healthcare worker and it's NOT ok!

There isn't information readily available, no matter the education level, to help conquer student loan debt.

That's why LoanSense was created. We can help your employees find the best repayment program, saving them $1000s and manage their paperwork.  Filing paperwork correctly is a huge hurdle that costs individuals thousands in mistakes, not to mention headaches, stress, and anxiety.  Let our loan experts file for you.  We have 100% accuracy!

Check-out the testimonial of an Oncologist we helped in Iowa:

"Having a program that helps manage the student debt burden as part of a comprehensive and competitive benefits package is beneficial to physicians and worthwhile for organizations. LoanSense is a vital resource that can reduce the burden and stress of student loans. I recommend LoanSense and their team's expertise to any healthcare system and their employees."

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