We all dream of having our own home. The American dream is the garage, white picket fence, and the security of a place to call home. The millennial generation was told a college degree is equivalent to a high school diploma, so we became the most educated generation EVER, accumulated more educational debt than our parents, and raced to get that amazing career opportunity.

It is no wonder student debt is the #1 impediment to buying a home for those under 45 and 2 out of 3 millennials have student debt.  

Loan Officers, please stop killing their dreams.  7/10 mortgages are turned down because of high debt.  If they can’t qualify now, don’t let them leave without a plan to get back to the closing table with YOU!  Don’t tell them no, tell them about LoanSensese!  

How LoanSense helps

We’ll help your clients with student debt or too high of debt qualify for a mortgage and then send them back to you when they are mortgage ready. If student debt is the only major obstacle, we can send clients back to you in 3 weeks. If another debt is also an issue we can help your clients build a plan to get back to you when their debt-to-income is lower.  

We don’t touch student loan refinancing or any methods that delay closing. We focus on federal, state, and professional based loan programs to lower debt to income within weeks. We provide all the information missing from homebuyer classes on how student debt types impact debt-to-income. 

Who LoanSense helps

We’ve helped those in wage garnishments, families who had to decide between paying daycare or paying student debt, a recent married couple who had been turned down twice for a mortgage, and more all get into a home!   Our mortgage partners’ clients save on average $600 and increase their mortgage affordability by about $100,000!  

At the minimum, everybody deserves to get a plan so they have an understanding of how to achieve their dreams of homeownership. 


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